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7 Lessons From 7 Years Of Game Development

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Amir Rajan, a long-time developer of indie games, has 3 million downloaded across all his properties.

His minimalist text-based game, A Dark Room, is his most well-known creation.

Over the past seven years, I have learned many things and acquired a lot of "battle scars."

I hope you don't make the same mistakes as me after reading this. 

The advice I'm going to give is for "indies"-- a team of one to four who are just starting in building a product, self-funded, bootstrapped, part-time.

Lesson 1: Think about the spirit and feeling of your game, as opposed to specifics of implementation

Lesson 2: Ship small and monetize early. Build big over time

Lesson 3: Target hyper niche markets

Lesson 4: Redefine success based on experience

Lesson 5: Best practices and industry standards will not give you a competitive advantage

Lesson 6: Emotion sells Lesson 7: Have Some Hope.