A century-old German optical illusion featured a photo of a woman. It says that every young woman has the promise of becoming a woman. Every older woman also has memories of her youth.

This anonymous German postcard dates back to 1888. This famous illusion is where the brain switches between looking at an older woman and a young girl. 

Two answers can be found in this fascinating illustration. Many people immediately recognize the drawing as a young woman when they first look at it.

Some people instantly recognize that the drawing illustrates an older woman. Both interpretations are correct. The images of an older woman and a young girl can be seen from different angles.

How you can see a Young Girl image: The red outline of the image shown below shows a young girl gazing away from the viewer. 

She is wearing a bow hat with its lace behind and looks over her right shoulder.

How to see an old Woman Image in the Optical illusion: If you examine the red outline of the below-shown image, you'll see that the drawing shows the other side of the face.

Looking closely at the image, you'll see an older woman profile with a stooped and bent face. Her nose is also comparatively larger.

It is easy to see how these two images fit together. The younger woman's nose becomes the older woman's, while the neckline of the older woman becomes the young woman's.

The ears of a young woman become the eyes of an older woman, and so forth.