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10 Unbelievable Facts About NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

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Here's a list of ten mind-blowing facts about the James Webb Telescope, which will change the route of space exploration for human beings and blow your mind.

1.) The James Webb Space Telescope is actually lighter than its predecessor, which was Hubble Space Telescope.

2.) James Webb's mirrors were the largest and lightest telescope mirrors of all time.

3.) While they look as if they are made of gold, James Webb's mirrors are actually made of beryllium.

4.) The total gold content within the mirrors of James Webb's Space Telescope amounts to just 48 grams, which is less than 2 pounds.

5.) The gold is not directly exposed to the Sun; it's covered with an amorphous layer of thin silicon dioxide.

6.) The Telescope side of James Webb will passively cool itself to ~50K degrees: cold enough to liquify nitrogen.

7.) With active cryogenic cooling, Webb can get all the way to ~7K.

8.) Contrary to NASA's Spitzer, which changed into the "warm" mission after it could not replenish coolant, James Webb will maintain its cool temperatures throughout its duration.

9.) If it's running out of fuel, its destiny is to remain in the "graveyard orbit" around the Sun.

10.) Although it was never meant to be serviced or upgraded, it is possible to be refuelled robotically to prolong the life of the device.