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7 Facts You Must Know About DuckDuckGo As A Privacy Enthusiast, SEO Expert or Digital Marketer

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The DuckDuckGo search engine doesn't monitor users like Google, which means it doesn't have any information regarding the websites you visit. Best Privacy Friendly Search Engine

Fact 1: Over 100 Billion Searches Have Been Performed On DuckDuckGo Till Now (As per the fresh data)

Fact 2: Average Of 6 Million Monthly Downloads On This Search Engine.

Fact 3: The Search Engine Has Only 11.43% Bounce Rate. While Google has 28.46%

Fact 4: DuckDuckGo Employees Have Grown To 180

Fact 5: The Cost Per Click On DDG Can Be 10x Cheaper Than Google

Fact 6: DDG Holds 2.42% Of The Search Market In The US

Fact 7: DuckDuckGo App Has An Average Rating Of 4.5 Stars