Your Ultimate Guide to AI PDF Editors: The Top 5 of 2023

Top 5 AI PDF Editors Online and Offline in 2023

AI PDF Editors


Are you tired of struggling with PDF files? Wondering if there’s an easier way to edit and manage them? Well, good news!

In 2023, AI-powered PDF editors are making life easier. These tools are like magic helpers for your documents. But with so many choices, how do you know which one is right for you? Don’t worry.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the top 5 AI PDF editors, both online and offline. These tools are here to make your PDF life simpler and more convenient. So, let’s explore and find out which one is the best fit for you!

Top 5 AI PDF Editors

After thorough research, we came up with these top 5 AI PDF editors. You can use some of them online and some of them offline. So, let’s see which is the best one for you!


Let’s dive right into our first AI PDF editor, UPDF. It’s like your trusty sidekick when it comes to handling PDF files. UPDF stands out for its user-friendly interface and impressive AI features. This tool is designed to simplify your PDF tasks, making it accessible for everyone.


The AI capabilities of UPDF shine when it comes to text recognition and editing. Need to correct a typo or update some content? UPDF has your back. Its AI version includes many different features:

  • Summarize: You can ask UPDF to read the content and provide you with a summary. It saves you a lot of time and hassle.
  • Explain PDF: With this feature, you can get the definition or explanation of any part of the PDF. UPDF uses its immense knowledge of the Internet and provides a detailed explanation.
  • Translate: UPDF supports many different languages. With the AI translate feature, you can translate your content into any language that you want.
  • Write/Rewrite Content: Give UPDF a prompt, and it will generate content for you. Moreover, if you simply want to rewrite content, it can also do that for you.

The magic doesn’t stop at AI. UPDF also offers an array of other features. You can merge, split, or even compress your PDFs effortlessly. This tool is a one-stop shop for all your PDF needs.


UPDF offers its users three different plans. They are as follows:

  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Annual Plan: $29.99
  • Perpetual Plan: $49.99

Depending on your requirements, you can choose either one of these plans.

Supported Systems

UPDF supports the following systems:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS

You can download it by visiting the official website.

2. Foxit PDF Editor

Next up in our lineup of top AI PDF editors is Foxit PDF Editor. Foxit is a popular choice for those looking to take control of their PDF documents.

With Foxit, you’re in for an interface that’s both user-friendly and feature-packed. You won’t need to be a tech whiz to understand how to use it. Whether you’re a student, professional, or just someone who needs to work with PDFs, Foxit’s got you covered.

Foxit AI

Foxit’s AI capabilities are quite impressive. It leverages AI-generated content (AIGC) to boost the productivity of knowledge workers. With Foxit AI, users gain access to a suite of remarkable features.

  • Integration with ChatGPT: It offers document summaries and rewriting capabilities to enhance text comprehension and generation.
  • AI Chatbot Functionality: It provides real-time detailed responses to user queries.
  • Smart Redact: A smart and efficient tool for identifying and redacting sensitive information within PDF documents.

All these features use AI to make your work easier. So, Foxit AI is here to help you do more with your documents.


With Foxit, you have four different pricing plans available.

  • Basic PDF Editor: Free
  • PDF Editor Suite Pro: $11/month
  • PDF Editor Suite: $8.99/month
  • PDF Editor Cloud: $4.99/month
Supported Systems

Foxit supports the following systems:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Online

3. LightPDF

LightPDF is a versatile and user-friendly document management tool that goes beyond the conventional. It empowers users to interact with various file types, extract valuable insights, and streamline their workflow. With support for a wide range of document formats, it helps users work smarter and more productively.


LightPDF also has AI features that help you greatly with your PDFs. Here are some of its AI features:

  • Summarize Documents: It allows you to generate clear and concise summaries from various document types. This makes it easy to get to the heart of your content.
  • Extract Valuable Insights: This AI tool can crawl, analyze, and provide conclusions from your documents. You can access vital information quickly.
  • Multi-Language Support: It understands over 100 languages, which ensures accessibility and usability for a global audience.

The pricing plans of LightPDF include:

  • Weekly Pass: $13.99
  • 6 Years Plan: $149.99
  • Annual Plan: $199.99
  • Monthly Plan: $19.99
Supported Systems

LightPDF supports the following systems:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Online

Moving on, we have ChatPDF.

4. ChatPDF

ChatPDF is your online companion for conquering the world of PDFs. Whether you’re a student preparing for exams or a researcher digging into academic papers, ChatPDF is your go-to tool. It breaks down the language barriers and offers quick and accurate answers. So you can work more efficiently.


Similar to ChatGPT, ChatPDF is specifically designed for PDFs. Here are some of its features:

  • Instant Answers: ChatPDF’s AI enables you to ask questions about the content of your PDFs and receive quick, to-the-point answers.
  • Multi-Purpose Tool: Beyond answering questions, ChatPDF can summarize, translate, explain, and even rewrite PDF content.
  • Cited Sources: All answers come with references to the source in the original PDF document. It ensures you can trace back and verify the information you receive.

ChatPDF’s plans are as follows:

  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Monthly Plan: $5/month
Supported System

Since ChatPDF is a web-based platform, you can use it across any system as long as you have an Internet connection.

5. PDFelement

The last one on our list of AI PDF editors is PDFelement. It is your all-in-one solution for managing PDF documents effortlessly. PDFelement provides a user-friendly platform for all your PDF needs. It equips you to create, edit, and collaborate on PDFs, ensuring your documents are organized and accessible.

PDFelement AI

PDFelement has a variety of features. Here, we are going to discuss its AI functionality and what it has to offer.

  • AI Content Detector: It can automatically scan essays and PDF files to identify AI-generated content. You can also export detailed reports with highlighted AI-generated text.
  • Chat with PDF: Engage in dynamic conversations with your PDFs. The AI Chat feature allows you to interact with your documents, ask questions, and receive swift responses.
  • Proofread PDF: With AI-driven Proofreading, you can enhance your documents. It helps in identifying and rectifying spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Your work becomes more polished and professional within seconds.
  • Add Bookmarks to PDF: The AI-enhanced Bookmark function simplifies navigation within your PDFs. It allows you to quickly access key sections and vital information, ensuring a seamless document experience.

The pricing plans of PDFelement include:

  • Quarterly Plan: $29.99
  • Yearly Plan: $79.99
  • Perpetual Plan: $129.99
Supported Systems

PDFelement supports the following systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Cloud platforms

So, that is all you need to know about the top 5 AI PDF editors. However, if you are still confused about which one to choose, keep reading.

Comparing the 5 Best AI PDF Editors

Choosing the ultimate AI PDF editor may be a difficult decision. But worry not! With our comparison chart below, your decision will become a whole lot easier! So, let’s take a look below.

PricingBasic Plan: Free,

Annual Plan: $29.99,

Perpetual Plan: $49.99
Basic PDF Editor: Free,

PDF Editor Suite Pro: $11/mo,

PDF Editor Suite: $8.99/mo,

PDF Editor Cloud: $4.99/mo
Weekly Pass: $13.99,

6 Years Plan: $149.99,

Annual Plan: $199.99,

Monthly Plan: $19.99
Basic Plan: Free,

Monthly Plan: $5/month
Quarterly Plan: $29.99,

Yearly Plan: $79.99,

Perpetual Plan: $129.99
SystemWindows, macOS, Android, iOSWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, OnlineWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, OnlineWeb-based platformWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, Online
AI FeaturesSummarize,



Integration with ChatGPT,

AI Chatbot,


Smart Redact
Summarize PDFs,

Extract Valuable Data,

Multi-Language Support
Instant answers,

Multi-purpose Tools,

Cited Sources
AI Content Detector,

Chat with PDF,

Proofread PDF,

Add Bookmarks to PDF
Other FeaturesConvert PDF,


Batch PDF,

Edit PDF,

Organize PDF,

UPDF Cloud,

Fill and Sign PDFs
Convert PDFs,

Add comments,

Edit PDFs,

Protect PDFs,

OCR feature
Conversion to/from PDF,

Edit PDFs,


Compress PDFs,

Unlock PDFs
Safe and SecureReading and annotation,

Convert PDF,

PDF Forms,

Sign PDFs,

Batch PDF

Our comparison of the top 5 AI editors comes down to one conclusion: UPDF is the best choice. Considering its rating and the features it has to offer, the other editors fall short.

So, what are you waiting for? Get UPDF now!

FAQs on Choosing the Best AI PDF Editor

In this section, we have answered some FAQs about choosing the best AI PDF editor.

What is the best AI tool for PDF?

The best AI tool for PDF can vary depending on your specific needs. However, we recommend UPDF as the ultimate tool. It surpasses the rest of the tools in terms of user-friendliness, AI capabilities, pricing, and more.

Does Adobe have an AI program?

Adobe offers various AI-powered features within its Adobe Acrobat software. These features include text recognition, content analysis, and even the ability to suggest edits. While Adobe doesn’t have a dedicated AI program, it integrates AI capabilities into its PDF software.

Can I edit a PDF with AI?

Yes, you can edit PDFs using AI-powered PDF editors. These tools utilize artificial intelligence to make text recognition and editing tasks more efficient and accurate. AI can help you identify and modify text, as well as perform other tasks like summarization and content analysis.


Choosing the right AI PDF editor can be a game-changer for your document management. After a thorough comparison, UPDF emerges as the top choice. Its user-friendliness and powerful AI features definitely stand out. From text recognition to summarization and translation, UPDF excels.

But remember that each of the top 5 AI PDF editors has its unique strengths, so your choice should align with your specific needs.

Whether you opt for Foxit, LightPDF, ChatPDF, or PDFelement, these tools are here to make your PDF life simpler and more efficient

So, explore and find the one that suits your PDF needs best!

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