Sunflower Sparrow

Sunflower Sparrow is an AI tool by Sunflower Industries designed to transform vocals into AI voices within a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with near-real-time playback. It offers unlimited voice conversions, making it ideal for users needing extensive conversions, and these conversions are royalty-free for commercial use. One notable feature is the ability to load custom models in standard format, including those from external community sources. Users can also modify voice characteristics, audition singers when unavailable, or create entirely new voices.

Sunflower Sparrow supports VST & AU plugins and is available for download on M1 Macs, with plans to expand to Windows in the future. Future updates aim to enable users to train AI on their own voices and improve performance for smoother user experiences.

Sunflower Sparrow
AI Tool Name:Sunflower Sparrow
Category:Best AI Audio Editing Tools
Features:Vocals into AI voice converter, Customization options, etc.
Cost:From $6/mo

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