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It is generally accepted that some services, including marketing ones, can be applied equally effectively to any type of business, regardless of who their audience is and what concepts and ideas they promote.

However, in reality, this is not true. Web3 solutions require a special approach, and this statement also applies to public relations (i.e., Web3 PR services).

Below, leading experts from our blockchain marketing agency will explain their thoughts on how PR in Web 3.0 works and also share how one of the most outstanding PR campaigns in our history was implemented for one of our clients.

Top Web3 PR Agency

Why Is PR for Web 3.0 Solutions Necessary?

In a nutshell, public relations aims to build trust with the audience and raise awareness of the project among people worldwide.

This type of marketing consists of placing publications whose topics intersect with the concept of a specific project in trusted media to one degree or another.

Thus, thanks to the proper efforts of a seasoned Web3 PR agency, projects get the opportunity to quickly gain authority in the eyes of their audience and increase their competitiveness against the background of other solutions.

Since Web3 public relations is considered one of the most challenging marketing types, it is better to delegate it to a Web3 PR agency that provides the appropriate type of services.

In this way, you will save yourself from the resource-intensive fuss associated with choosing the right media, communicating with representatives of these media, as well as directly writing articles that would look truly expert.

Why You Shouldn’t Outsource This Task To Web 2.0 Marketing Agencies

Initially, in Web 2.0, PR was aimed at forming a positive opinion about the project among the public. At the same time, real reviews of its consumers were very often moderated and processed in such a way as to exclude any objections from the more global masses.

However, based on the main provisions of the Web 3.0 concept, the opinion of consumers is fundamental here, which means that all PR measures taken by your Web3 PR agency should be aimed at pleasing them.

There are also a number of practical features that distinguish the ways of implementing Web 3.0 PR by your Web3 PR agency from Web 2.0 PR. These include the following:

New behavioral patterns of content consumption – since it is increasingly difficult for the audience to maintain attention on the same object due to information overload, specialists from the Web3 PR firm you have chosen who are involved in the implementation of PR strategies for Web 3.0 solutions have to take extra measures to increase reader engagement;

Access to various sources of information – as your users will be able to learn about your project not only from the media that were selected by your Web3 PR firm, you will also have to ensure that the information presented in third-party sources does not contradict those (or is processed accordingly if your project was highlighted in a negative context) that was published in third-party sources, including social platforms;

Honest and gradual gaining of your audience’s trust – if you contacted a truly experienced Web3 PR firm, your contractor will probably explain to you that the basis of effective PR will always be honestly informing your audience about the features of your project, which means that you should be ready to provide information on any issues that may worry them (in the case of Web2 PR, you can simply keep silent about them);

Inviting users to test your product or service – your Web3 PR firm will also most likely offer you to launch a campaign related to testing your products or services as part of your PR strategy so that individual consumers can personally verify their usefulness for them (in the context of media publications, this could be press releases with invitations or something similar that your Web3 PR agency offers);

Moderate control of reviews – your Web3 PR firm should also moderate user opinions, but do so much more thoughtfully than in the case of Web 2.0 solutions.

Ultimately, your Web3 PR agency will have to take into account a lot more nuances, including the application of memes and stickers to engage crypto enthusiasts, the use of slang, and many other things that are unique to Web3 ecosystems. So, if you are looking for a Web3 PR agency that is really good at all of these, take a look at Coinband.

What We Can Offer You

Although the main focus of PR activities of our Web3 PR agency remains the generally accepted one – to create a positive image around your project, attract the attention of the audience around the world, and ultimately add credibility to it, our Web3 PR agency aims to take into account the nuances associated with the promotion of Web3 solutions only.

In particular, Web3 PR agency selects the most cited media that are actively read by crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

For them, we develop comprehensive strategies for writing long-reads, press releases, and other types of publications aimed at various tasks – from active news coverage related to your project’s development to demonstrating your expertise in a particular topic.

As a result, you receive regular mentions of your solution in reputable media, which means that it will be increasingly easier for your potential investors to find it through organic search.

Our Web3 PR agency currently has a huge staff of tech-savvy copywriters and an established network of contacts with leading news websites in the categories of Fintech, Crypto, Blockchain, and Startups (today, the number of our contacts is more than 370).

Therefore, by choosing our Web3 PR agency, your project gets the opportunity to be mentioned in such world-famous information resources as CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, Forbes, etc.

However, that’s not all: by resorting to the services of our Web3 PR agency, you can save on the placement of your articles.

As we interact with digital and print media on an ongoing basis and have partner discounts, we can reduce your PR budget by 22 percent, as well as ensure high priority for their publication.

Still not sure whether to choose our Web3 PR agency? Just contact the sales representatives personally of our Web3 PR firm to discuss the strategy for promoting your Web 3.0 solution in detail.

Our Experience in Promoting Rolaz Gold

Now, to confirm the expertise of our Web3 PR agency, we would like to share one of our most significant cases of promoting the Web 3.0 solution, Rolaz Gold.

In particular, having contacted our Web3 PR agency, the founders of Rolaz Gold wanted to receive a comprehensive strategy for their project.

As one of the most effective methods, the Coinband Web3 PR firm has chosen PR, thanks to which, together with other marketing techniques, it was expected to achieve the ambitious goals set by the client: to receive 800 new token holders and 2,000 new community members.

The key obstacle to the successful achievement of these objectives was that the project had already conducted IDO and IEO, which did not bring the expected financial results.

In this regard, our Web3 PR agency decided to split our marketing strategy into two parts: one of them was aimed at increasing the awareness and loyalty of existing token holders (for this, we developed a long-term content marketing plan and planned a series of AMA sessions within the community), as well as attracting new investors.

For this, our Web3 PR firm actually did influencer marketing and built a competent PR strategy, for which we had to agree on publications with Tier 1 and Tier 2 crypto-media.

As a result, as social proof, our Web3 PR agency settled on only two interviews and one press release.
Thanks to these efforts of our Web3 PR agency, the project obtained 814 new token holders and 2,350 new community members, which means its key goals were fully achieved.

Final Words

We hope that our article helped you realize the importance of PR for your Web 3.0 solution and contact a Web3 crypto PR agency. If you are just looking for a Web3 PR agency, feel free to contact the Coinband team.

We will build a long-term marketing strategy that will not create a huge hole in your budget and, at the same time, will help you attract new investments and new supporters who will be independently active in spreading positive narratives about your Web3 platform.

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