Michael Dell And Nvidia to Build an AI Factory, The First Customer is xAI’s Grok

On X, Michael Dell, the CEO and chairman of Dell Technologies, revealed that the company is working on the creation of the Dell AI Factory.

Michael Dell And Nvidia to Build an AI Factory, The First Customer is xAI's Grok

This upcoming initiative will be utilizing NVIDIA GPUs to support Grok, an AI model developed by xAI, a company owned by Elon Musk. Elon Musk has allocated substantial funds towards computational resources for xAI.

He obtained tens of thousands of GPUs in 2023. The training of the Grok 2 model necessitated approximately 20,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs, and Musk indicated that the Grok 3 model and subsequent versions would require about 100,000 Nvidia H100 chips.

As per previous statements, Musk plans to have a new supercomputer up and running by the autumn of 2025.

The project could entail working with Oracle to develop a comprehensive system. Upon its completion, the interconnected network of NVIDIA H100 GPUs would be at least four times bigger than the current largest GPU clusters, as Musk mentioned in a presentation to investors in May.

Michael Dell And Nvidia to Build an AI Factory

In April 2023, xAI launched Grok-1.5V, a powerful multimodal model. Grok excels in processing text and can handle a wide range of visual data such as documents, diagrams, charts, screenshots, and photographs.

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