Luma AI Has Launched A Free AI Video Generator (Try Now)

Several days following the discontinuation of Kuaishou Technology’s text-to-video model Kling, a new competitor has emerged.

Luma AI, a visual AI-focused startup based in the US, has unveiled a free AI video generator similar to OpenAI’s Sora called Dream Machine.

Luma AI Has Launched A Free AI Video Generator (Try Now)

Dream Machine, unlike Sora and Kling, provides public access. The company asserts that Dream Machine is an advanced video model that can generate high-quality, lifelike videos based on natural language prompts using AI.

The introductory text on the official website states, “Dream Machine is an AI model that rapidly produces high-quality, realistic videos from text and images.”

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As per Luma AI, Dream Machine is a transformer model that has been extensively trained on videos, enabling it to produce precise shots. The company glorifies Dream Machine as its initial incursion into developing a universal imagination engine, now accessible to all users.

The tool is said to generate 120 frames within 120 seconds, with the ability to iterate at a rapid pace. It reportedly crafts smooth, cinematic, and dramatic five-second shots, while also demonstrating an understanding of interactions between humans, animals, and objects in the physical world.

This allows for videos with consistent character portrayal and accurate physics. Additionally, the tool facilitates experimentation with a wide range of fluid, cinematic, and naturalistic camera movements.

The demand to test Dream Machine caused Luma’s servers to become overloaded, leading to the introduction of a queuing system.

Some of the videos shared on social media by those with early access seemed too impressive to be real, possibly cherry-picked to showcase the best capabilities of existing AI video models. However, after Ryan from Tom’s Guide tried this free AI video generator, he confirmed that it is indeed as good as it appears.

Although it may not be on the same level as Sora or Kling, what he witnessed is one of the most advanced AI video models in terms of prompt following and motion understanding.

In fact, it surpasses Sora in one significant way — anyone can use it today. Each video generated is approximately five seconds long, which is almost twice as long as those from Runway or Pika Labs without extensions.

Some of the best Luma AI video generator demos are collected here.

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