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Could AI Predict the Future?

The pace at which AI is unfolding is astonishing, even to many of those working in the tech world. It seems that there are no barriers, and Silicon Valley is running headlong into a world where everything is done and planned by artificial intelligence.

But is it possible that, with the internet at its disposal and a solid knowledge of the past and present, AI could predict the future?

Could AI Predict the Future

Current State of AI Predictions

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. It concentrates on looking at problems that occur in computers, shows them how to learn from them, and then improves the decision-making process.

This would be the closest process we have to a model that could predict future events. The drawback is that machine learning is not strictly predicting future events at all.

It is making improvements to the information given. Learning and improving, but with little capacity to offer feedback and possible outcomes.

At best, machine learning in its current form could be used to predict general outcomes. For example, it may be provided with information on markets in the lead-up to past economic crashes and asked if it predicts one coming soon. However, as humans, we know that these indicators do not always mean outcomes are certainties.

AI and Probability

Could Artificial Intelligence Predict the Future

In the history of computers, random number generators go against the grain. This is because computers and artificial intelligence, by their very nature, are not random at all, and so programming randomness requires a lengthy process of coding, rules, and regulations.

It’s little wonder then that questions like “Can AI be used to predict the winning lottery numbers?” arise often. Given that randomness in the game is a product of strategic and rather intentional design, it becomes difficult for AI to reliably counter it with predictions.

There are stringent regulations in place to ensure these games are fair and correct with everyone having a chance to win, something the industry prides itself in.

Can AI Predict Life Events?

When it comes to AI and life events, another great degree of probability exists. It would be impossible to suggest the outcomes of a person’s life, such as if they achieve their goals.

Mainly, this is because there are too many different factors that can be taken into account. These could be daily choices, major life events, or factors out of the person’s control, such as politics and economic changes to their way of life.

AI would also have to account for the knock-on impact of events in other people’s lives. Humans are not isolated beings.

As an example, in order to assess the actions of a particular person, it may need to know the probability of significant life events that affect their partner. This would make personal events, such as the possibility of marriage, harder to predict.

It seems that AI is with us to stay in one form or another. Whether it will define our lives as much as we believe remains to be seen. The only thing that can be certain is uncertainty itself.

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