Understanding QA Testing Services: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

QA software testing, a critical element for any product’s journey to success, can be intricate. Here, we simplify the importance of QA testing services and their pivotal role in determining the effectiveness of software.

Deciphering Software Testing

Understanding QA Testing Services

Software testing validates a software’s core functionality while also assessing additional qualities like security, scalability, and accessibility.

It’s a process where software development engineers in test (SDET) and QA analysts review and provide feedback, ensuring the software meets the user’s needs.

The best strategy engages QA testing services from inception through to launch. In this domain, Artelogic shines. Recognized by Gartner as a fast-growing pure-play software testing company in the US, Artelogic offers diverse testing solutions:

  • Functional Testing: This ensures your software operates as expected.
  • Non-Functional Testing: It delves deeper, evaluating software’s scalability, security, and more.
  • Manual vs. Automated Testing: While manual testing seeks potential software breakages, automated testing is efficient for repetitive assessments over time.
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD): This automates processes throughout software development.
  • Usability Testing: Beyond functionality, it’s about the overall user experience.
  • Accessibility Testing: Assessing whether your software is suitable for everyone, including those with impairments.
  • Load & Performance Testing: Evaluating your system’s handling capacity.
  • Regression Testing: Verifying that defect fixes don’t affect other software functionalities.
  • Interoperability Testing: Ensuring seamless system integrations.
  • With Artelogic’s managed QA services, your software testing is in expert hands.

Exploring Managed Services in Software Testing

Contrasted against the staff augmentation model, managed service in software testing is about outcome-based delivery, encompassing both recruitment and training.

Artelogic’s QA-managed service integrates into your QA environment, lending expertise from functional testing to automation and performance.

This service is led by experienced project managers, ensuring accelerated releases, cost-efficiency, and good quality.

The Merits of Outsourcing Software QA

Outsourcing, or trusting, can be a strategic move. While software development remains a company’s core, QA is a complementary capability. Outsourcing QA, especially with partners like Artelogic, offers numerous advantages:

  • Overcoming language, culture, and timezone barriers.
  • Tapping into decades of expertise.
  • Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Achieving cost-effective scaling.

Distinguishing Between QA Engineers and Software Testers

The lines might blur, but these roles are distinct. QA engineers oversee the entire development process, ensuring adherence to standards and timely software releases. In contrast, software testers assess individual software components at various development stages.

More from QA Testing Services

The right QA software testing partner, like Artelogic, enhances software quality and strengthens business performance. Partnering with Artelogic ensures:

  • Faster market entry.
  • Efficient collaboration with in-house teams.
  • Avoidance of expensive mistakes.
  • Optimal ROI on testing services.

Artelogic, with its extensive QA testing services, ensures your software meets the gold standard.

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