Genies CEO Invests $2K Monthly On ChatGPT Plus For 120 Employees, Says It Saves Hours Of Time

As part of an experiment to improve productivity and save costs, the CEO of Genies, Akash Nigam, has purchased ChatGPT Plus accounts for all 120 of his employees, spending $2,400 per month. Genies is a $1 billion avatar startup used by some of the big celebrities, such as Justin Bieber and Cardi B.

Starting in March, Nigam urged all teams, including research and development, finance, product, design, engineering, and accounting, to master using the ChatGPT to automate repetitive tasks. Although it was a significant investment, Nigam is confident that integrating ChatGPT into his teams’ workflows will positively impact the company’s profitability.

In an interview, Nigam stated that he is typically a frugal and thrifty individual, but in this case, he believes that purchasing ChatGPT Plus subscriptions for all of his employees is a necessary investment for the health and growth of the company.

Although the accounts have only been available to Genies’ employees for a month, Nigam reports that many tasks have already been speed up using ChatGPT.

Nigam described how his company’s R&D team had used the AI chatbot to answer coding and math-related questions, receive debugging advice, and create presentation scripts based on an outline. Other staff members have employed the technology to write legal documents such as internal policies, generate creative briefs, and provide technical support.

ChatGPT has been particularly useful in creating a technical roadmap outlining a company’s strategy for introducing a new product. Normally, this planning process would require hours of manual brainstorming among colleagues. However, Nigam reported that he fed all necessary information into ChatGPT, organized the data in a chart, and assigned tasks to the appropriate teams.

According to Nigam, having ChatGPT is like having a sophisticated operating partner that can quickly focus your thoughts and ensure you stay on track. He believes the AI bot could help reduce costs by decreasing the need to hire additional employees.

Although ChatGPT has increased productivity, some workers still do not fully utilize it. Nigam acknowledged that a small fraction of employees might be “passively integrating it” into their workflows due to a lack of time or interest.

To address this, Genies has organized informal workshops where more experienced employees teach others how to use ChatGPT to perform specific tasks across different teams. Nigam believes that every employee in the company needs to be committed to using the AI bot for the company to realize the benefits of reduced workloads and headcount.

“You need to make time to learn this skill because it will be crucial in the future,” said Nigam, emphasizing the importance of ChatGPT to his employees.

Nigam intends to make ChatGPT usage a part of his employees’ performance evaluations next year. He said the reviews would assess how employees effectively use tools like ChatGPT to increase department productivity.

According to Nigam, employees who effectively use AI will be considered for promotion and salary increases, while those who do not will fall behind.

Amazon has integrated ChatGPT into their employees’ workflow to develop code, answer customer inquiries, and create training documents. David Litwin, CEO of Pure Fusion Media, reported that ChatGPT saved him more than 30 hours of work in one week. Microsoft also allows employees to use AI if they adhere to confidentiality regulations.

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