What Is CatGPT – ChatGPT For Cat?

In recent times, while ChatGPT has been making headlines globally, a novel AI chatbot named CatGPT has now become the talk of the town on social media. As the name suggests, this chatbot centers entirely around cats and revolves around a feline theme. Although it may not be able to clear the bar exam or an AP biology test, CatGPT is programmed to accept a wide range of prompts.

CatGPT’s webpage has been fashioned to appear identical to ChatGPT’s homepage. Upon clicking on its link, users are directed to a page displaying sample questions that can be posed to the chatbot. The site also showcases features such as “Remember where the user buried all the treats” and constraints like “Limited Knowledge of world and cat videos after 2021”.

what is catgpt

In CatGPT, every response is accompanied by an amusing cat GIF depicting the feline species in various hilarious situations, such as losing balance, drinking water from a tap, and seeking belly rubs, among others. Additionally, the chatbot incorporates a long string of “meows” into its responses.

For instance, when prompted to “Explain how cats use quantum mechanics in hunting,” CatGPT responded, “Meow, meow, meow meow, meow – meow, meow..”


There are different versions of CatGPT that exist, including CatGPT Dog, which presents a unique chatbot experience with distinctive responses. When we greeted this chatbot with a “hi,” it responded by saying, “Me-ow! Meow, hello there! How can I assist you today?”

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