AI-Generated Pizza Ad Indicates That There Is Still A Long Journey Ahead For The Technology

Reddit user PizzaLater produced the fake pizza restaurant ad, which went viral on the Internet. Let’s take a look at what were the thoughts and reactions from creator, elon musk, pizza hut and others.

AI Generated Pizza Ad

“I wasted three hours of my day creating this,” PizzaLater admitted, disclosing the use of script-writing tools like ChatGPT Plus and text-to-video AI tool, Runway Gen2, to develop clips for the ad.

The pizza ad includes all the traditional elements, such as footage of families enjoying pizza, a chef twirling dough, and toppings being generously sprinkled over the pizza base.

However, something is amiss. For example, the family members’ eyes move in different directions, and smoke appears to billow from the chef’s arm.

“Our chefs prepare a pizza with love and a special touch,” the ad claims, which isn’t too far-fetched from what a regular pizza ad would say. The pizza toppings at Pepperoni Hug Spot consist of the usual options, such as cheese, pepperoni, and vegetables, but also “more confidential ingredients.”

After Twitter user @0xgaut shared the ad on the social media platform, Pizza Hut’s official account responded, saying, “My heebies have been jellied.”

Tweet by Pizza Hut

Even the CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, expressed his awe at the video with a mind-blown emoji.

The ad also features a delivery option and showcases an AI-generated man driving a car to deliver a pizza bag to a doorstep.

In addition to an occasionally grammatically incorrect script, the AI-generated ad struggles with videos of people eating pizza. For example, a clip of a woman eating pizza appears like she’s consuming her plate.

The thirty-second ad concludes with a slogan, “Pepperoni Hug Spot: It’s like family, but with more cheese.”

PizzaLater stated that he was motivated to create the phony pizza ad after seeing a viral AI-generated video of Will Smith consuming spaghetti.

“The outcomes were genuinely horrifying,” PizzaLater remarked about the pizza ad, but he also expressed his amazement, saying that “we have never had a tool like this at our disposal, for better or worse.”

Although he is apprehensive about the technology he employed to produce the fabricated ad, he believes it is also “extremely exciting” and boosts his creativity as a commercial motion graphics designer.

PizzaLater revealed that he used ChatGPT Plus to write three different scripts and then amalgamated his favorite segments from each to create the video. He also mentioned that ChatGPT Plus generated the title. Moreover, he has created a website offering Pepperoni Hug Spot merchandise.

PizzaLater commented, “We are currently in a particular stage of AI where, just a few months ago, it was nothing more than a buzzword. With GPT4, Midjourney, and undoubtedly Google, and I believe Meta is also developing a text-to-video tool, I foresee this having significant implications for all of us.”

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