TruthGPT Launches

Musk took to Twitter to criticize ChatGPT for censoring controversial topics. He suggested that this plays into propaganda and that he needed an alternative AI.

Note: Before you invest in this type of things, please do your own research.

The Twitter CEO tweeted, “What we need is TruthGPT” to criticize the ChatGPT.

Truth GPT

Interestingly, a Twitter account for TruthGPT was created on the same day. The first tweet included the Tesla CEO’s relevant statement, contract address, and links to its Telegram channel. TruthGPT (TRUTH), token listing on the crypto trading platform DEXtools.

The team explained that their mission was to build an AI Chat Bot programmed to tell the truth about any question it might be asked. TRUTH is already in development and will soon be available as a beacon of truth and honesty.

The twitter handle also asked Musk to help with TruthGPT’s mass adoption, praising its role in free speech, AI, and “the truth of steroids,” which would “analyze sentiments of the crypto market through social media posts, news articles, and use AI algorithms to stop fraud in crypto trading.


The TruthGPT team also explained that their platform was not subject to “censorship, manipulation or any form bias.” The company cited its bot as a critique of ChatGPT, stating it had answered the reality of OpenAI chatbot:

“It’s well-known that ChatGPT and OpenAI are politically biased and heavily controlled. Don’t be fooled – TruthGPT is the only real alternative AI that offers unbiased and non-controlled data.”


Telegram’s ‘Truth Bot” was launched successfully yesterday. According to data retrieved via the analytics platform Etherscan, 729 holders (when writing this article) have already purchased the TRUTH token. The total supply of the asset is 5 trillion TRUTH.

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