Crypto Trading Addiction Service Now Provided By ‘The Balance’ Rehab Centre

A Spanish rehab center has added services to treat a new addiction, crypto trading. The center, known as “The Balance,” is a Swiss-founded wellness center. Its main location is in Mallorca, Spain, and it has branches in London, Zurich, and London.

According to the reports, although it has been treating addictions like alcoholism, drug addiction, and behavioral health for many years, it started offering services that combat crypto trading addiction.

According to the Feb. 5 report, one of the center’s clients contacted us to “wean himself off crypto” after having reportedly spent $200,000 per week for many weeks.

The four-week treatment includes therapy, massages, and yoga. The cost can reach up to $75,000.

Castle Craig Hospital, a Scottish addiction rehab clinic treating high-adrenaline cryptocurrency traders since 2018, has treated over 100 clients with “dangerous” cryptocurrency issues.

Diamond Rehabilitation, a Thailand-based health center in operation since 2019, offers cryptocurrency addiction treatment and rehabilitation services.

According to the organization, it uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational interviewing (MI), and Psychodynamic Theory as part of its multi-stage approach to help traders overcome their addiction.

The euphoric highs and the crushing lows of cryptocurrency trading have led to a real demand for rehab centers that offer treatment for trading addicts.

Family Addiction Specialist reports that approximately 1% of cryptocurrency traders will develop severe gambling disorders. At the same time, 10% will have other issues beyond financial loss.

According to Family Addiction Specialists, this addiction can manifest as constantly checking prices online, especially in the middle of the night.

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