Indian Gov Reveals Plan To Build More Secure Mobile Operating System ‘BharOS’

According to reports, the Indian government is working on a project to create an Indigenous mobile operating platform and provide users with a more secure and better experience. A top official in India has informed reporters that the new Indian OS will offer a safer experience and be a healthy competitor to Apple and Google.

“India is one of the world’s largest mobile markets. A senior Indian government official stated that creating a secure Indian mobile operating platform will challenge Android’s dominance in India and give options for other platforms.

Google’s Android currently holds a greater share than Apple’s iOS, with a 97 percent share. According to the source, BharOS was initially called by the government. Side-loading apps should be safer for users, so either Google or OEMs need to take more security measures.

According to some reports, Android phone manufacturers have denied security to their users. They claim that they only manufacture the phones and provide after-sales services and a warranty. Because Android is a tech giant’s product, the OEMs claim that Google is responsible for security.

“We sell phones and provide warranties after the sale. Google must work with the CCI or the government to determine who will be responsible for security for side-loaded apps. A device manufacturer stated that it was not in their interest. In a blog, Google denies any responsibility and would continue to protect users who download apps from the Play Store. It also said that apps side-loaded from other sources wouldn’t be supported.

“Predatory apps can expose users to financial fraud, data theft, and other dangers. These threats are prevalent on the internet, both from India and other countries. Google is responsible for app listings on Play Store, scanning for malware, and compliance with local laws. However, these checks might not apply to apps that are side-loaded from other sources.

The government should decide how to protect users against harmful side-loaded apps if it is not Google. This latest development comes as Google India faces a Rs 1,338 crore penalty for unfair and anti-competitive Android phone sales practices.

According to the sources, Android phone manufacturers believe that a “desi” Android operating system will offer greater security and safety for consumers against bad actors. Google may be forced to alter its Android model, and the penalty for anti-competitive behavior could be the start of this. Google currently offers Android OS free of charge to OEMs. They then ask them to add their services and apps to all Android phones.

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