YouTube Music Is Getting Live Lyrics

YouTube Music now has live lyrics. Some users have already received this part of a modified Casting UI.

One Reddit user now sees a new interface when casting YouTube Music from an Android smartphone to a Chromecast ultra.

Instead of the album artwork, song name, and artist being centrally displayed on the screen, they are now located off to the right with left-aligned text.

Live lyrics scroll in this way, with the current verse highlighted and highlighted in white. The background is a blurred version of the artwork. You will see a list of credited songwriters at the end of the song.

u/PmMeYourChromebook also points out how the old-centered interface reappears when no lyrics exist. Casting YouTube Music does not currently offer live lyrics. Cast sessions were initiated for the Chromecast with Google TV and the second-generation Chromecast.

YouTube Music informed users in October that they can expect more Lyric features due to a partnership with MusixMatch.

Google claimed there had been a positive impact on lyrics consumption rates since the launch. YouTube also conducted a poll earlier this month asking users for their opinions and offering “improvements in lyrics” as an option.

This feature would be great on the Nest Hub and other Smart Displays. It is also something Google Play Music offered in late 2018, and Spotify has picked up this year.

Unlike Apple and Spotify, YouTube Music’s Now-Playing screen doesn’t highlight lyrics as they play.

Although the feature is expected to be available on mobile, it is still being determined if Now Playing will undergo a redesign to emphasize lyrics or if customers will still need to open the middle tab.

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