Shiba Inu Twitter Account Starts A Countdown; What Is The Surprise?

In 2022, the cryptocurrency market experienced some of its most devastating downfalls. The market’s decline in cryptocurrency prices reversed as soon as CPI numbers were published. Most currencies, even meme currencies, trade favorably now.

The official Twitter account of Shiba Inu posted a tweet about a surprise countdown in one of their most recent tweets. Is there a surprise? Let’s find out.

tweet by shibainu

The Twitter account of Shiba Inu shared a website that featured a countdown ticker. The website shows a countdown with a dog looking out of the window. It needs to be clarified what the countdown is.

The SHIB Army started speculating on what the countdown might be. Many believe that it is an update on Shibarium. Many believe it is a distraction from the SHIB developers. However, SHIB’s price could be affected if the update is relevant.

A much-anticipated Shibarium upgrade could boost the Shiba Inu market. SHIB trades at $0.000008538 as of press time. This is a 5.6% increase in the past 24 hours.

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