Samsung Makes The World’s First DDR5 Dram Chips Using 12nm Tech

Samsung’s DDR5 DRAM chip is made first with 12nm semiconductor fabrication technology. Samsung unveiled the 16GBb DDR5 DRAM chip. The company stated that it had been tested for compatibility with AMD Zen processors.

These new chips are 23% more efficient than the previous-generation DRAM chips and provide 23% better performance.

According to the South Korean company, this technological leap was possible through high-k materials that increase cell capacitance. Samsung’s proprietary technology was also used to improve critical circuits.

DDR5 DRAM chips from the company feature advanced multi-layer lithography that provides the industry’s highest density dies and a 20% greater wafer productivity.

These chips can transmit data at speeds of up to 7.2Gbps. This is equivalent to processing two 30GB 4K movies simultaneously. In early 2023, Samsung will mass-produce its DDR5 DRAM chip in the 12nm class. These DRAM chips will be available in products starting in Q4 2023.

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