Instagram’s New Reels Template Lets You Create Your Own 2022 Recap

Instagram has reintroduced an in-app option that allows users to share end-of-year content. Today, Instagram announced that it had launched a new Reels template which allows users to create their 2022 Recaps to share with friends and followers.

You can personalize your 2022 Recap Reel with a narration template by Bad Bunny, DJ & Producer DJ Khaled, Badshah, or Stranger Things star Priah.

To create your recap, you must select up to 14 photos you want to share with friends and followers. After this, they will automatically be edited into a Reel that can be shared with your followers.

The app’s homepage will now display a prompt to “create your 2022 reel recap reel”, which will direct users to the new template. You can also navigate to the Reels tab and select the 2022 recap template from the drop-down menu to get started.

Instagram users were required to create their end-of-year feature, where they would post the top nine images from the year in a photo grid.

Instagram introduced a “Year in Review” feature last year that allowed users to choose up to 10 stories to share with their followers. The company now offers a way to share your personalized end-of-the-year content.

Instagram’s end-of-the-year recap feature is now in Reels and not Stories. This is not surprising, considering Instagram has been shifting to video over the last year.

This new feature is being launched when shareable end-of-year recaps are becoming more popular due to Spotify’s Wrapped experience, which is widely shared across social networks each year. Wrapped’s success has inspired many companies to launch their end-of-the-year recaps.

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