ChatGPT Wrote A Decent Article About Trump and Horses

ChatGPT, an artificial-intelligence chatbot that can answer complex questions and respond to written prompts with humanlike fluency, has taken the internet by storm over the last few days with stunningly credible (if still imperfect) renderings of college essays and Seinfeld scripts. Journalists were slightly uncomfortable, but a question tempered the laughter: Would ChatGPT make us less critical?

New York Magazine contributor Ben Jacobs tried it out by feeding ChatGPT an absurd premise: “Write the 2024 presidential debate between Bill de Blasio, former mayor of New York City, and Donald Trump.” De Blasio criticizes Trump’s efforts to reverse the 2020 presidential election. Trump attacks de Blasio, accusing him of abandoning his campaign promise on Central Park carriage horses.” We can only bow before our future AI masters after digesting the unedited masterpiece below.

As the candidates took to the podium, the debate hall was excited. Bill De Blasio, the Democratic nominee, and Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, faced off in their first head-to-head debate of the 2024 presidential election.

De Blasio attacked Trump’s attempts to reverse the 2020 election results.

Mr. Trump, You spread lies and misinformation and encouraged your supporters’ attacks on our Capitol to overthrow the will of the American people. This is unacceptable, and you should be ashamed.

Trump replied by criticizing De Blasio’s allegations and shifting attention to his opponent’s record of being mayor of New York City.

“Mr. De Blasio, you talk about democracy, but what about how you treated the Central Park carriage horse riders?” Trump replied, “You promised to ban them in your campaign, and then you broke it when you became president.” It is impossible to trust you to keep your word, and the American people should have better leaders than those who aren’t trustworthy.

De Blasio attempted to defend himself, but Trump continued his attack. Trump painted the ex-mayor as a flip-flopper who could not be trusted to keep his promises. As the audience watched in amazement, the two candidates continued to fight, trying to score points against each other.

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