Rarible Launches NFT Aggregator

NFT marketplace Rarible hopes to make it easier for customers to search for deals when they purchase non-fungible tokens. NFT market Rarible announced new NFT aggregator on its platform. The aggregator will allow shoppers to look through listings on various marketplaces and compare prices.

According to Rarible, the tool will aid consumers in searching for bargains within NFT. The aggregator is live on the Rarible homepage. The tool has a search bar, which allows users to search for NFTs based on the filters they prefer, such as auctions coming to an end, recently-listed NFTs and current projects.

The co-founders of Rarible, Alexei Falin and Alex Salnikov, revealed to reporters during the Ethereum Foundation’s recent Devcon conference in Bogota, Colombia that the company is now moving towards an aggregation model.

Falin said that the aggregator functions similar to Google to find NFTs. He added that the aggregator makes it easier for users to find the most competitive prices on various markets and blockchains.

The company’s aggregator gathers information regarding NFTs across a variety of marketplaces. Rarible does not charge additional fees for transactions, selling, or buying through its platform.

The Rarible aggregator comes with filters that let users filter NFT projects according to certain specifications.

Users of Rarible can search NFTs using blockchains, such as the most popular ones, like Ethereum, Tezos, Solana, Polygon, Immutable X and Flow.

The Rarible aggregator can also filter and find NFTs based on edition type and the purchase method (it could be an auction, purchase immediately or open to bids.)

This aggregator is not the world’s first NFT aggregator. Before this, In June, Uniswap Labs acquired the NFT marketplace aggregator Genie to add NFT functions to UniSwap Labs’ product range. OpenSea also bought NFT aggregator service Gem earlier in the year.

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