Kiwi Farms owner Joshua “Null” Moon says Cloudflare suspension is ‘Unclear’ and ‘Vague Notice’

Kiwi Farms owner Joshua “Null” Moon has spoken out regarding the announcement made on Saturday by Cloudflare informing them that their cybersecurity firm had blocked the site. Moon, the Kiwi Farms owner, said that Cloudflare decided to block the site without having any discussions with him, as per a Telegram post by Moon, which was also shared on Twitter by Buzzfeed reporter Ellie Hall.

“The email I’ve received from Cloudflare is an unclear suspension notice. The message from Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince is unclear. If there’s a threat to life on the website, I’ve received no caution from law enforcement agencies,” Moon wrote, promising to continue writing later on Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon, Prince “Blocking Kiwifarms” on the company’s blog announced that the company was cutting services to Kiwi Farms. Visitors who attempt to access the website will be served with a Cloudflare warning that reads, “Due to the imminent urgent danger to human life, the site’s content cannot be accessed through Cloudflare’s network,” as per the blog post.

“Kiwifarms has been frequently the site of violent content. The content itself is not enough to cause an emergency, which requires our actions now. About two weeks ago, a campaign to pressure began to eliminate Kiwifarms. This pressure campaign targeted Cloudflare and other services used by the site.” Prince wrote.

He states that although Cloudflare did not have “empathy” towards those who were “pressure campaign” organizers, the company is “determined to be a security company to ensuring the safety of our customers, even when they are in the crosshairs of the popular opinion or our morality.” Prince’s blog also mentioned other websites.

Prince’s post also mentioned other sites that Cloudflare cut ties with after pressure, including the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer and 8chan, the forum tied with the QAnon conspiracy theory.

“Finally, We are conscious and worried that our actions could increase the intensity of this crisis. Kiwifarms is likely to locate other infrastructures that allow the site to re-open as they did with the Daily Stormer and 8chan when we shut them down. If they do not, those who used the website to terrorize more will feel isolated and attacked and might lash out even more. There’s a real chance of taking the step this morning; we could have increased the severity of the situation,” he wrote, affirming that Cloudflare would “continue to cooperate with law enforcement agencies.”

Kiwi Farms has been linked to the practice of “swatting,” which is the process where a false account of a crime scene is reported to law enforcement to prompt SWAT teams to surround the area of the crime. Someone who claims to belong to Kiwi Farms recently swatted Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), according to police. The incident led Greene to denounce the forum.

“Isn’t it troubling the existence of a website like this?” Greene asked. Why does this even exist? This website must be shut down. There shouldn’t be any company or service where you could attack your enemies. It’s completely ridiculous, and this kind of lawlessness Democrats would like to see all over the country.

“It’s the same with our government and the inability of our law enforcement agencies to remove websites like this,” she added. “All of these kinds of organizations must be eliminated. They shouldn’t be permitted to continue to exist. They shouldn’t be able to abuse the resources of police as they do.”

Transgender streamer and activist Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti was slapped in London, Ontario, earlier this month when her home address was posted on the website. She launched the “pressure campaign” Prince refers to, leading to the hashtags #DropKiwiFarms and #CloudflareProtectsTerrorists to trend on Twitter in August.

According to USA Today, Kiwi Farms has also been associated with the deaths and suicides of transgender individuals victimized by forum members. The website was also connected to Christchurch shooting. Christchurch incident, which occurred in New Zealand. Moon turned down a New Zealand law enforcement request to keep the site’s posts and technical information linked to the accused shooter. In his denial of his, request Moon said, “F**k you and f**k your country.”

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