Best Machine Learning Projects With Source Code

Latest Machine Learning Projects With Source Code & Step by Step Implementation

Hey all, Thanks for your so much love on Huge List of Free Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science & Python E-Books. Today will be more exciting as we're gonna to list out top Machine Learning Projects for Beginners, Intermediates, & Professionals. This machine learning projects will be very helpful for you to gain real-world experience of this emerging technology. So without wasting any more time, let's get started

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List of Top Machine Learning Project Ideas for Beginners

1. Fake News Detection - Machine Learning Project

Fake news spreads like the flow of water in the ocean, and this is a big concern for the present as well as for the future. Using this project, we can learn how to differentiate fake news from a real one. We can use supervised learning to implement a model like this.

Dataset: Dataset

Step by Step Tutorial and Source Code: Fake News Detection

2. Titanic Survival Project

It will be amazing as well as fun to build this project as you will be forecasting whether someone would have survived if they were in the titanic ship or not. For this Machine Learning project, you will use the Titanic dataset that contains real data of the survivors and others who died in the Titanic ship.

Dataset: Project Dataset

3. Emojify

This ml project aims to classify human facial expressions and map them to emojis. Here, you will create a CNN to identify facial emotions. Then, moving forward you will map those emotions with the identical emojis

Step by Step Tutorial and Source Code: Create your own emoji with Python

4. Wine Quality Test Project

In this project, we can create an interface to forecast the quality of the red wine. It will use the data of the wine and based on the ML Model, it will give us the result of wine quality.

5. Handwritten Digit Recognization

The MNIST digit classification python project allows machines to recognize handwritten numbers. Here, you will use MNIST datasets to train the model using Convolutional Neural Networks.

Dataset: Dataset

Step by Step Tutorial and Source Code: Handwritten Digit Recognition

6. Stock Price Prediction 

There are various datasets available for the stock market prices. The main purpose of this ML Project is to forecast the future price of the stock market based on the past data.

Step by Step Tutorial and Source Code: Stock Price Prediction

Top Intermediate Level Machine Learning Projects

7. Bitcoin Price Predictor Project

The bitcoin price predictor is a very valuable project. The blockchain technology is evolving at very high speed and many digital currencies are evolving too. This Machine Learning Project will help you predict the price of the bitcoin using past data.

8. Personality Prediction Project

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a personality type system that divides a person into 16 distinct personalities based on inner-directedness, feeling, thinking, & learning abilities. Using this Machine Learning Project, you can identify the personality of a person from the type of things they share on social media.

9. Music Genre Classification

The purpose of this project is to automatically classify different musical genres from audio. What you need to do in this project is to classify the audio files using their low-level features of frequency and time domain.

Step by Step Tutorial and Source Code: Python Machine Learning Project

10. Xbox Game Prediction Project

In this project, you have to predict the interest of the users from the search generated Data. The BestBuy consumer electronics company has provided the data of millions of searches from users and it will be used to predict the Xbox game that a user will be most interested to buy. 

Top Advanced Machine Learning Projects

11. Catching Illegal Fishing using Machine Learning

It's an exciting ML Project. There are many ships, boats on the oceans and it is very difficult to manually trace the activities of all the ships and boats. This machine learning project is something that can identify illegal poaching of animals and catch fishing activities through satellite and Geo-Location data. The Global Fishing Watch is offering real-time data for free, that you can use to build the system.

12. Automatic License Number Plate Recognition System

This machine learning project intends to detect and verify the license number plate of a vehicle and read the license numbers written on the plate. This could be a good utilization for security scans, traffic monitoring, etc.

Step by Step Tutorial and Source Code: License Number Plate Recognition Project

13. Online Grocery Recommendation using Collaborative Filtering

Collaborative filtering is an excellent method to filter out the things that a user might like based on the response of similar users. A grocery recommendation system would be a good project to make customers realize what they would like in their baskets.

14. Enron Investigation Project

The Enron company dropped in 2000 but the data was made available for research. The database has 500,000 emails of genuine employees who worked in the company so the data is very helpful to conduct data analytics.

15. Movie Recommendation System

Recommendation systems are at all the places whether it will be an e-commerce app, movie streaming app, or music apps. They all recommend products based on their targeted clients. A movie recommendation system is an extraordinary project that adds value to your resume

Dataset: Movie Dataset

Step by Step Tutorial and Source Code: Movie Recommendation System

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January 05, 2021


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