Free Programming Courses by MIT, IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Apple

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9 Free Programming Courses by Harvard, MIT, IBM, Google, and Microsoft

Here are nine courses where you can learn coding for free. The best part is that you can also get certified by ivy league institutes or industry leaders like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and IBM. The main perk of the courses listed below is that they’re all free. Becoming a crafter of code is a continuous act of learning.

1. Programming Basics

Course by IIT Bombay

What you'll learn?

- Basic programming skills;
- To write C/C++ programs to solve real world computational problems;
- Good programming practices;
- How to handle large and complex programs.

Course by Harvard University

What you'll learn?

- Graph search algorithms;
- Adversarial search;
- Knowledge representation;
- Logical inference;
- Probability theory;
- Bayesian networks;
- Markov models;
- Constraint satisfaction;
- Machine learning;
- Reinforcement learning;
- Neural networks;
- Natural language processing

Course by Michigan

This course is a "no prerequisite" introduction to Python Programming. You will study variables, repeated execution, conditional execution & how we use functions. Once a student finishes this course, they will be ready to move further towards advanced programming courses. This course is based on Python 3.

Course by University of Pennsylvania

What you'll learn?

- You'll learn the basics of how the www permits the browsers to send & retrieve web content;
- Web browser internals, & jQuery;
- How to create dynamic, interactive web pages using JavaScript;
- Techniques for creating data-driven websites using modern web technologies; 
- Client-side JavaScript libraries and frameworks;
- Server-side JavaScript application architecture, middleware, HTTP, and RESTful API design

Course by IBM

This Python course provides a beginner-friendly introduction to Python for Data Science. Study the lab exercises, and you'll be set on fire to create your first Python scripts on your own!

Course by MIT

An introduction to computer science as a tool to solve real-world analytical problems using Python 3.5.

Course by Google

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the JavaScript programming language and to give you lots of practice along the way! You'll look at how to structure and group information in your app with data types, how to use programming logic so your app does what you want it to and how to write readable code so you can more easily modify, maintain, and share your apps.

Course by Apple Education

This course is designed to help you to learn to code no matter what your level of experience. Through a series of exciting activities and challenges, you’ll learn key coding concepts as you solve puzzles in the Swift Playgrounds App. As you progress through the course, you’ll build your computational thinking skills, and see how coding can be fun as you explore examples of coding in everyday life. 

Note: This course material is only available in the iTunes U app on iPhone or iPad.

9. Computer Science for Web Programming

Course by HarvardX

What this course covers?

The first part covers the introductory part to web programming and moves on C, Python, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The next part deals with more in-depth topics and covers Git, using APIs, SQL, scalability, testing, and various front end technologies.

Course by HarvardX

If you’re looking exactly to get into front end development, the first course is best. But if you’re looking to have cross-functional skills with mobile development, then this course may be appropriate for you.

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