Entire Javascript in One Image

Jan 4, 2021 0 comments
Javascript in One Pic

Hey all, Everything fine? I hope it will be fine. What if I say that you can learn entire JavaScript from just one image? You must say, are you kidding, this is the best joke I have ever heard, and so on. But I want to say that after seeing this image, you will not only download this image or bookmark it but you will also share it with your friends. I am very excited to share this Infographic with you. So, let's get started...

Let's first talk a little bit about this infographic. This JavaScript in One Image Infographic is created by a developer named Yusheng. Yusheng has connected and created an extraordinary mind map of the entire JavaScript language syntax, concluded with code examples. This mind map only includes ES5, but ES6 syntax will be updated very soon.

Note: To see each element of this image clearly, just click on the image (Only For Smartphones)

Entire Javascript in One Pic 👇

Javascript in One Pic
Js in One Pic - by Yusheng

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