Top Programming Languages - Features, Frameworks, Job Roles, & More

 Brief Overview of best Programming languages

Hey all. Today, we will dive deeply and learn about top programming languages, their features, job roles, framework, companies which are hiring, etc. Based on our deep research, current situation and web resources, Here is Insane's list of the top 10 programming languages that can help you fly high in your programming career. List begins with... 

1. Python

Python is an open-source, object-oriented, interpreted language that provides support for developing graphical user interfaces.

Features of Python Language:-

- User-friendly
- Cross-Browser Support
-- Chrome
-- Internet Explorer
-- Firefox
-- Safari 

Highlights & Frameworks Based on Python:-

- Ubuntus Ubiquity Installer
- Django
- Fedoras Anaconda Installer
- Flask
- Google App Engine

No of Python Repositories:- 1 Million Github Repositories

Python Job Profiles:-

- Python Developer
- Data Scientist
- Software Engineer
- Data Analyst

Most desired programming skill of the year 2020 in companies like

- Google
- Spotify
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Paytm

2. Java

Java is open-sourced and easy to learn programming language.

Features of Java Language:-

- Memory Management
- Cross-platform Language
- High Performance
- Top-Notch Security
- Backward Compatible

Highlights & Frameworks based on Java:-

- Hibernate
- Strut
- Spring

No of Java Repositories:- 1.2 Million Github Repositories

Java Job Profiles:-

- Java Developer
- Java Architect
- Web Developer
- Database Admin

Top Recruiters for Java Programmers:-

- Cognizant
- Wipro
- Ibm
- Tech Mahindra

Most popular language in terms of the number of jobs, developer community and widespread acceptance in the IT industry.

3. R Language

Features of R Programming Language:-

- User-friendly
- Cross-browser Support
-- Chrome
-- Internet Explorer
-- Firefox
-- Safari 


- Used In The Financial Domain To Build Econometric
- Models And Analyze Fraudulent Transactions
- Ability To Create Interactive Web-apps
- The Most Popular Ide Used For R Rstudio

Number of R Repositories:- 6 Million Github Repositories

R Language Job Profiles:-

- Financial Analyst
- Data Scientist
- Quantitative Analyst
- Data Analyst

Top Recruiters for R Programmers:-

- Google 
- Twitter
- Facebook

Most popular programming language when it comes to Statistical Analysis & Data Science

4. JavaScript (JS)

JavaScript is a feature-rich, object-based scripting language.

Features of JavaScript Language:-

- Light-weighted Object. Based Scripting Language

Highlights & Frameworks Based On JavaScript:-

- Angular
- Meteor
- Evelope
- Node.js
- Vue

No Of Repositories:- 600k Github Repositories

Javascript Job Profiles:-

- Javascript Developer
- Web Developer
- Front-end Developer
- UI Developer

Top Recruiters for JavaScript Programmers:-

- Accenture
- Dell
- Google
- Facebook

5. GoLang

Golang boasts features like concurrency.

Features of this Language:-

- High Scalability
- Package Management

Highlights & Frameworks Based On Golang:-

- Used For System Development
- Revel And Beego

No of Golang Repositories:- 110k Github Repositories

Golang Job Profiles:-

- Golang Developer
- Full-stack Developer
- Backend Developer
- Software Engineer

Top Recruiters for Golang Developers:-

- TekSystems
- Capgemini
- Cisco
- Springboard

6. Kotlin

A Google-endorsed Cross-platform General-purpose Programming Language

Highlights & Frameworks Based On Kotlin:-

- Vert.x
- Ktor
- Spring

No Of Repositories:- 73k Github Repositories

Kotlin Job Profiles:-

- Mobile Developer
- Android Platform Architect
- Qa Engineer
- Android Developer

Top Recruiters for Kotlin Programmers:-

- Airtel 
- Pinterest
- Wipro

7. PHP

Programming language used for developing dynamic & data-heavy websites & applications.

Features of PHP Language:-

- Simple
- Fast & Platform-independent
- Open-sourced


- Developing Dynamic Website
- Data Heavy Websites & Application

Frameworks Based On PHP:-

- Cakephp
- Larawell
- Symfony
- Phalcon

No of PHP Repositories:- 524k Github Repositories

PHP Job Roles:-

- Back-end Developer
- Full Stack Developer
- PHP Developer
- Software ENGINEER

Top Recruiters for PHP Developers:-

- Motorola
- Tata Consultancy Services
- Oracle

8. Swift

Swift is an object-oriented, block-structured programming language.

Features of Swift Language:-

- Better Readability
- Speed, & Dynamic Libraries,
- Reduce Application Size and Improve Performance

Frameworks Based On Swift:-

- Cocoa
- Cloudkit

No of Repositories:- 157k Github Repositories

Swift Job Roles:-

- iOS Developer
- Mob-app Engineer
- Application Developer
- Developer Associate

Top Recruiters for Swift Dev's:-

- Apple
- Walmart
- Amazon

9. C#

An object-oriented programming language with a comprehensive set of libraries.

Features of C#:-

- Simple
- Interoperability

Frameworks Based On C#:-

- Xamarin

No of Repositories:- 19k Github Repositories

C# Job Profiles:-

- C# Developer
- .NET Developer
- Backend Developer
- C# Architect

Top Recruiters for C# Programmers:-

- Mphasis
- Capegemini
- Philips

10. C & C++

Both programming languages are quite popular and highly functional. These languages rule about 20% of the programming world.

Highlights & Frameworks Based On C & C++:-

- Ebay
- Spotify
- Dropbox
- Adobe
- Oracle

No of Repositories:- 9M+ C & 115k C++ Github Repositories

C & C++ Job Profiles:-

- Software Engineer
- App Soft Engineer
- C/C++ Analyst
- Backend Developer

Top Recruiters for C/C++ Developers:-

- Wipro
- Huawei
- PhonPe
- HP

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