Best Movies for Data Science Enthusiast

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Surprise! Today we have something special to share with you. As per the request of so many users on our social medias, we have decided to create and share a list of some amazing movies on Data Science and Machine Learning. Starting with 1st movie that is... 


Released in 1991, an incredible Sci-fi movie which depicts the story of a computer programmer who meets human revels which reveal that virtual reality is being used by machines to imprison the human race. You wouldn't know what the matrix is, until you watch it till the end. In addition, this movie is widely acclaimed for its special effects and action scenes. Sadly, the sequels were't as good as this one. 


Are you paying attention? It's a highly recommended movie for a data scientist / analyst. Nothing more, but, this created the first computer in this world. 

Alan Turning, perseveres to crack the german enigma code to help the allies to win WWII. The Imitation Game is assertive and makes a serious claim as one of the best spy thrillers ever made. 


This is a must watch movie for anyone who deals in predictive modeling. Billy Bean is responsible for building Oakland A's baseball team for upcoming season. With less money in hand, he resorts to an economist Peter Brand. Peter makes use of historical data and predictive modeling techniques to carve a championship team.


If you ever doubted the power of mathematics, you must watch this movie. Released in 2001, this is a story of John Nash, a nobel laureate in economics for his revolutionary work on game theory. He suffered from paranoid schizophrenia where he lost touch with reality. His interest & maneuver in mathematics was awe inspiring. This is a truly inspiring movie for every academician. A Beautiful mind does all to bring a change and succeed

If your interest lies in machine learning & artificial intelligence, you wouldn't find your 1 hour 48 minutes wasted. The movie makes strong arguments for both sides of the A.I. equation.


Released in 1982, this movie is an adventurous sci-fi thriller where a detective hunts down and assassinates human — like & roids built by the Tyrell Corporation for use in dangerous off-world colonization. It beautifully shows the rising impact of technology on human society, existence, and the very nature of humanity itself. 

The film's power is chiefly derived through its stunning visual imagery of a dark futuristic cityscape and its philosophical themes. 


As a data scientist, it's surprising to experience the fading lines of divide between humanity and robotics. It is possible to implement algorithms to teach a machine to work. But, is it also possible to install emotions into a machine? Will humans and machines be able to share a land and live together? 

Whole world awaits to encounter this path breaking discovery. This movie presents a story of robot boy who desires to be real boy and seeks maternal love. 

8. HER 

'Her' is a tool closer to the next level of evolution. She's incredible, intelligent and an advanced operating system which can keep your life on track. 

This movie isn't technical, but a soft and heart touching story of a computer programmer. As a data scientist, it is inspiring to experience such inventions which could glorify human lives. Can a programmer fall in love with operating system ? Better you find out ! 


Watch this movie, and you would experience the unbelievable power of data and mathematics. 

This movie would surely appeal to the curious buds of analysts / data scientists working in financial industry. This movie depicts the events that immediately preceded the Financial Crisis in 2008 within a nameless Investment Bank. In here, a junior risk analyst discover a flaw in the risk models that have led their investment firm to the brink of financial disaster. 

10. 21 - The Movie

Data Scientists are crazy about mathematics, mental calculations & computations. Therefore, another highly recommended movie to watch. 

This is a story of 6 MIT students who were brilliant with numbers, decides to step in fast paced Vegas casino action to make some money at the blackjack tables. A math professor leads the group. He creates a scheme using numbers, codes and hand gestures which opens up their fortunes. 

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